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What happens if you buy fake followers

It’s shocking to see many business owners, still to this day, buy fake followers and fake likes (especially in the beginning) to look better on Social Media. Guys.. it’s just WRONG!

For all those that are thinking about buying fake followers and fake likes we want to share with you what actually happens if you do that.

Is it safe to buy fake followers on Instagram?

Let’s say you have 500 followers and you buy yourself to 5000 followers just to look more attractive on Instagram. First of all, Instagram will notice that instant growth.

Then they will start to follow your engagement rate and overall reach. And real quick they will notice that your 4500 new followers are fake because your engagement rate and your reach per post did not increase at all.

So there has to be something weird going on with your account.

What are the consequences of buying fake followers?

Pretty simple – Instagram will ban your account for certain hashtags, they will decrease your account’s raking immediately and they will make it extremely hard for your account to grow again.

If you buy fake likes too your engagement rate might go up but again, you will not have the same amount of impressions and reach as if it was coming from natural sources.

Also brands that know a little bit about Instagram will discover your fake following super quickly which will completely destroy your brand reputation.

Should you buy fake followers for Instagram?

Our answer: No, DO NOT buy fake followers or fake likes EVER!!

Learn how to grow REAL followers on Instagram

If you’re interested and want to learn how to grow real followers on Instagram, we would love to talk to you and give you all the tips, tricks and tools needed. Just contact us.

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