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Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

How to promote Restaurants using Social Media Marketing

When it comes to promoting Restaurants, the old ways of marketing through newspapers or printed flyers don’t work anymore. If you are a restaurant owner you probably know that the best promotion for a place to eat is simply word of mouth.

In today’s digital era the new “word of mouth” is called Social Media Marketing. And this is exactly what you have to utilize for your business in order to gain more paying customers.

In this short blog post we will give you a few strategies and ways to promote Restaurants using Facebook advertising.

The best strategy doing Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

This strategy is completely built around custom audiences. But what is a custom audience?
Here is Facebook’s definition:

A Custom Audience from a customer list is a type of audience you can create made up of your existing customers. You can target ads to the audience you’ve created on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network.

To utilize the full potential you have to use the following 4 types of audiences:

  • Pixel
  • Engagement
  • Video Views
  • Email List

How to use the Facebook Pixel for Restaurant Marketing

If you don’t know what we are talking about already – A Facebook Pixel is a code that you install on your website. This code will track all data from people who are visiting your website through Facebook. With that data Facebook is able to optimize your ads automatically. That means only those who are most likely to click on your ad will see it.

How do you collect data for your Pixel?
Well this is only possible by running advertisements. So in order to grow your Pixel’s data we recommend that you first boost a few of your best posts with the target PPE (pay per engagement). This way you will get a lot of likes and comments to your post but also a few website visitors.

After you had a about 100 homepage visitors from your campaigns you can start retargeting to them. So you just create another campaign but this time set the target to “conversion” and then use the event “view content”.

Utilizing an Engagement Audience to get more website visitors

This technique works for Facebook as well as Instagram. With both platforms you can remarket to people that have visited your website and engaged with your content within the last 180 days. The results will create a new custom audience. And you can run campaigns specific to those custom audiences.

Retargeting based on Video Views

If you want to do proper Social Media Marketing for Restaurants there is no way to be successful with creating videos. It’s proven that videos with a maximum length of 30-60 seconds work best on Facebook.

But in order to get many views on your visual content you must capture the attention within the first 12 seconds. Otherwise the user will just scroll past your newest post.

So after you have uploaded a video and have gained quite a bit of views you can start retargeting. For this marketing method we typically like to set up two different custom audiences.

  • Users who have viewed at least 50% of the video
  • Users who have viewed at least 95% of the video

If you have somebody that has watched at least half or even almost the full video you can be pretty sure that this person is interested in what you have to offer.

Remarketing to your Email List

To do that you first need to import your list of current email subscribers into Facebook’s Business Manager. The file format must be .csv.

With this customer file you want to create a new audience that you can remarket to.
The rest of the process works exactly the same as with the other techniques.

Creating Look-a-Like Audiences to generate more sales

The great thing about Facebook advertising is that you can create what is called a “look-a-like” audience. This is done from the data that you are providing. Meaning you will be able to reach 2.1 million more people that look just like your current audience. So these users have similar interests, similar behavior, etc.

Tying it all together

If you want to start boosting your success with Social Media we recommend you start out with a FREE offer or giveaway. This could be something like this:

  • Free Appetizer / Free Dessert
  • 1 Year Free Lunch
  • 50% Off / Buy one Get one free

Please keep in mind these offers should have very low costs for the Restaurant.

Once you know what to promote you gotta understand the concept to get as much attention as possible. You might have already heard about it. It’s the AIDA formula. In this case A stands for attention, I stands for interest, D equals desire and the last A means action. So here is a good example of an ad copy:

  • A = Attention Los Angeles
  • I = Are you looking for an amazing place to celebrate your next birthday?
  • D = If your answer is YES then today is a great day for you!
  • A = We are giving away a complete birthday party for FREE. Just click the link in the comments below and claim your offer now!

In addition to a good ad copy you also have to use attention grabbing photos. As a Restaurant the best things you can utilize are close up photos of your food, videos of the venue, the owner, customers or food that is being prepared right now.

If you are ready to run your campaign, make sure it’s set to a 5-10 mile radius. Depending on what city you are located in you can increase or decrease the radius.

And last but not least – the ad budget. On Facebook you can start advertising with just $5 per day. But we recommend an advertising budget of at least $300 per month. Which is basically $10 per day. Why? Well.. the more money you spend the more people you can reach.


Need help with promoting your Restaurant? Let us know and we’ll create an individual proposal for your business.

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