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When it comes to Social Media Marketing there are plenty of platforms to choose from. But most business owners don’t even know which platform actually makes sense for their business! This is why we created this short blog post to give you an overview of all Social Media Marketing platforms and understand which one to pick for your company.

Facebook – The Big Boss

With no doubt Facebook is now and is probably going to be the big boss of all social media platforms in the next couple of years. Reports from Q3 2017 show that there are over 2.07 billion users which is 16% more than in 2016.

According to an infographic by Dealhack Facebook’s users generate 4 million likes every minute.
In addition to that, every 60 seconds…

  • 500 new users join Facebook
  • 50,000 links are shared
  • 100,000 friends requests are sent
  • 243,000 photos are uploaded
  • and 3.3 million posts are being shared

Even though competition is growing, Facebook Advertising is still a huge opportunity for small and medium sized businesses! Wether you like Facebook or not but a simple business page is definitely a MUST-HAVE for every firm.

Instagram – The Millenial Superstar

The number one platform the younger generation is currently using is called Instagram. With over half of all 18 to 29 year-olds in the U.S. this platform could be named The Millenial Superstar!

Here are a few reasons why Instagram is so popular right now:

  • Instagram is extremely easy to use especially if you are on mobile. Actually it’s a platform exclusively for mobiles that lets you edit images with nice filters and instantly upload your content to the platform.
  • Another great thing about Instagram is that it only uses visual content which is more attractive to us humans anyway.
  • From a marketer’s point of view the platform offers many innovative ways to promote your products, gain brand awareness and overall grow a big following.
  • Companies and bloggers that are advertising to a younger audience have the ability to build strong relationships through the story function.
  • About 5% of people on Instagram take action after being inspired by a post. These actions include searching, shopping, sharing with a friend or visiting a website.

Twitter – The News Company

Twitter used to be the second most visited social media channel for a long time. But since it started getting a lot of fake users it kinda got unattractive for most people. To this day there are still around 330 million monthly active accounts.

Because of it’s posting limitations and retweeting function you could see the platform more as a microblogging service. For big news companies and government institutions it’s a great way to quickly share short messages with the mass. Every Tweet is public and can be seen by everyone. With that being said it’s very cool and easy to follow and engage with your favorite celebrities. By searching the most popular hashtags (#) you are able to keep up with current trends.

Snapchat – A Cute Little Ghost

Compared to other Social Media Marketing Platforms your content is not available for more than 24 hours after being posted. Snapchat was originally created for private, person-to-person photo sharing and is still some what used that way.

But thanks to many software updates you can now use it for a bunch of different tasks including

  • sending short videos
  • live video chatting
  • creating funny caricature-like Bitmoji avatars
  • and sharing photos and videos via a chronological story similar to Instagram’s function.

There is even a so called „Discovery“ area where big publishers like Buzzfeed and Dailymail are presenting interesting content.

Since adding the „Memories“ feature you can actually save your favorite snaps and stories to a private storage area. Other features include the ability to send money through an integration with Square Cash, creating city-specific stickers to place on your snaps and adding filters and AR-based lenses to messages as well as showing your live location on a world map.

The key thing Snapchat is focusing on is instant communication through photos and videos on mobile phones.

Pinterest – Womens Wonderland

While some don’t pay much attention to it, Pinterest is actually one of the most popular and most useful social media networking sites around. Since it’s foundation in March 2010 the platform has grown to about 200 million monthly active users which 78% of it are females. The idea behind it is instead of pinning notes to the fridge or the corkboard you are actually doing it virtually on Pinterest.

Since the network is dominated by women the most favorited pins are from categories such as Arts and Crafts, Fashion, Hair & Beauty, etc.. Basically anything a woman is into.

The great aspect for companies is that 88% of all users purchase a product they pinned. And 49% purchase 5 or even more products they pinned. Pinterest ads are a very powerful tool because they actually don’t look like ads. Pinterest users are smart and don’t like to see any form of advertising. This is why big retailers focus on high quality photos and the viral boosting algorithm.

Over 80% of pins are reposted. The powers behind this viral ability are the search function and category algorithms. While other platforms mostly rely on trends, Pinterest has groups that are pretty much based on similarity and tagging.

Consumers referred by Pinterest are 10% more likely to actually purchase than those referred by Facebook. Also Pinterest is responsible for 41% of ecommerce traffic compared to other social media sites.

YouTube – Video On Demand

Everyone knows it and everyone uses it – YouTube. With over 1.3 billion users the platform is obviously the biggest video sharing site available. So why not use it to your advantage?

In an average month, 8 out of 10 18-49 year-olds watch YouTube. Multiple sources say that by 2020 around 75% of mobile traffic will be video.

Luckily at this point in time YouTube is still for FREE. Even though you may only have a very small business it makes sense for you to start sharing your knowledge with other people. By consistently uploading valuable videos you are going to increase your brand awareness, start getting followers and reach potential new customers. All for free.

You just need to put in some time and effort in actually creating high quality content and learning how to get many viewers.

LinkedIn – The Professional One

Often times this platform is overlooked but it can actually be a very powerful tool for individuals and companies that are looking for new connections, generating professional leads and building their brand. The most valuable market on LinkedIn is the B2B (business to business) sector.

Because you are essentially adding only professionals to your list you can connect with them on a different level and spread news about your company which is being seen by people that would truly want to hear from it.

For individuals it can be a strong marketing tool because you can confirm somebody else’s skills. The good thing about them is that any profile visitor can see them. And since it’s a platform for professionals, those reviews from other people have a stronger meaning.

If you want to promote something on LinkedIn, that is definitely possible with sponsored ads. With this tool you are able to capture the attention of highly engaged people and drive qualified traffic to your content. By utilizing lead generation forms you can easily convert those people into new potential customers.


If you are still not sure what social media marketing platform to start on, just shoot us a quick message and we’ll get back to you with the right answer asap!

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