Social Media Marketing Consulting

No matter whether you are just opening up Social Media for your brand and your company or already have an existing presence, our Social Media experts advise you as experienced consultants regarding relevant channels, the needs of your target group and develop an individual Social Media Marketing strategy together with you, taking current developments into account.

Social media consulting specifically includes recommendations for action on current topics, such as the preparation of editorial plans, appropriate posting times for the respective target group and an efficient posting frequency as well as recommendations for paid measures regarding the use and amount of budget or target group targeting. Our services also include setting up reports, resource planning and, if desired, ongoing community and response management for each channel.

Social Media Advertising

Our Social Media Advertising services cover paid promotions on Facebook and Instagram.

The major benefit of this type of advertising is that businesses can take advantage of different demographics to target their best buyers. We will work very close with you and define a clear Social Media Advertising strategy, meaning we will calculate the budget you need to reach your goals, create high converting landing pages, setup Facebook and Instagram promotions, as well as optimize existing campaigns along the way to maximize the outcome for your business.

We use lead generation ads, run traffic to any website to get more blog readers or product buyers and we also create brand awareness ads for local businesses. The results are thousands of dollars in revenue, great returns on ad spent, but also many website visitors and hundreds of hot leads generated for our clients.

Our service can be booked for single campaigns or long-term promotions.

Please note that the budget for ads must be covered by the client.

Instagram Growth Marketing

Instagram is the most popular Social platform right now. The opportunity for businesses to gain brand awareness and make lots of sales is HUGE! Because of that we decided to specialize in growing Instagram accounts for companies.

We setup your account, create a logo (if needed), come up with a bio that perfectly describes your business, product or service and create or source content that relates to your target audience. In addition to that we make sure that more and more users know about you by posting three times per day, adding two stories to your daily content and combine everything with the right hashtags so that thousands of people will find you.

If you are serious about growing your Instagram faster than your competitors we can help you finding Influencers to promote your brand even better. This is what we cover as Influencer Marketing.

Individual Social Media Solutions

Need an individual package put together to meet your goals and requirements?
Don't worry, we got you covered! 

Just get in contact with us and we'll discuss the best solution for your business.


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