How to write strong headlines – 5 copywriting tips

Every online marketer knows that wether you are writing a new blog post, creating a landing page or a simple social media post, a strong headline is always a must-have!
That is why we are going to share our top 5 tips for strong headlines in this short article.

The benefits of strong headlines

Obviously you want to be able to come up with a great project title but why is it actually so important? The main reason why you should have a good designed headline is because it grabs attention. Especially on Social Media grabbing attention is the number one goal.

When it comes to SEO or Youtube for example you are benefitting from new people taking a look at your stuff because your title sounds interesting to them. That way you are able to get new leads and potentially convert them into customers.

Now that we know the benefits of strong headlines, let’s move on to the practical tips.

How to write attention grabbing headlines for any topic in less than 30 seconds

Can you see what’s the pattern behind this? If not, here is the solution.

We used 13 words and one number. And that is exactly what we recommend. Keeping your headlines from 5 to 13 words and including one number helps to improve the quality of your titles.

What YOU can do to improve your headline structure and get more readers

In this example it’s pretty obvious what we are trying to tell you. Be user-centric. Making sure your viewers are the main center of the headline improves your chances of getting more attention.

Increase website traffic and make more money by using this simple page title

What we did here is simply include two main benefits for the user. Benefit number one is increasing website traffic and benefit number two is making more money. We also made it more attention grabbing by giving the reader the idea that what they are going to get by reading this blog post is so simple that they just have to know what it is.

Four headline formulas that convert

No matter what you are using as your headline, make sure to follow along with what you are promising. Otherwise you will only earn negative feedback. And to fulfill what we are promising, here are four headline formulas that convert.

1. Get [amazing result] in [short time period]
2. [Number] Lies About [Something Common]
3. [Social Proof] [Ask a compelling question]
4. The [so far untrusted or unproven product] that [high authority people] now support

Keep it simple and be very clear with your headlines

This is not a headline example but our last tip. Headlines can bring you benefits, that’s true, but they are not the holy grail to success. Therefore we recommend you keep it simple and be very clear with what you are promising for your viewers, readers, followers, etc.


We hope you enjoyed these 5 tips for writing better headlines. If you got some more tips, feel free to comment below.

Thanks & All the best
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