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How to use Shoutouts to grow on Instagram

A super effective way to grow on Instagram is Shoutouts. Those could be paid or free. However you can’t just pay somebody to give you a shoutout and expect a huge number of followers in return.

So in this post we want to share with you what works and what doesn’t work anymore when it comes to shoutouts on Instagram.

Oldschool Shoutouts Don’t Work Anymore

By oldschool we mean a simple repost of your photo with a caption that says „Follow @ username for more like this.“. Instead you should have that page write something interesting about your account.

Shoutouts From Promotion Pages

Promotion pages are big accounts that put out one sponsored post after another. Because of that these accounts typically have very low quality followers that do not fit into your best target audience.

Use Video Ads To Attract Maximum Followers

This could be something like a highlight reel with your best shots. If done correctly such videos transfer an amazing vibe that makes people want to check out your profile and become a follower.

It also has big potential to go viral and give you an even bigger boost. But don’t forget to put a call to action at the end that says who they should follow.

Give People A Reason To Follow You

Once a user lands on your profile you have to either entertain them, give them tips about something or just make them feel jealous because they want to live the life you have.

So if you want to go the short route and grow faster than your competitors, simply follow the tips mentioned above and buy some shoutouts.

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