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How to use Hashtags effectively to get more Followers

hashtags for more followers

We already shared lots of tips about hashtags but we still see people make a common mistake! And this is using the WRONG ones.

By wrong we mean hashtags:

  • with way too many uploads
  • that are not related to the content

How should you use hashtags to get more followers?

First of all you should use hashtags that you can actually rank for in the top posts!

Take a look at some that you think could fit and see how many likes and comments do the most popular posts have. Then compare that to your newest posts and see if they have the same numbers.

Also only use tags that are related to the photo or video, even if it means you are using less. Niche down as much as possible. This is very important since the latest explore page update. Because on this page your content will be shown to those that are most likely going to click on it.

Also make sure to have 3 different sets of hashtags in place and vary from 20 to 30 tags in every post.

Now start implementing this into your Instagram marketing today! If you want us to collect different sets of tags for you, just send us a message.

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