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How to make your content go VIRAL on Instagram

how to go viral on Instagram

How to make your content go viral so you will get more followers on Instagram? Here are the 3 steps to go viral, that so many people keep a secret. Trust me, it’s actually easier than you’d think.

Step 1 – Find Viral Content

In order to make you’re posts go viral and appear on the explore page, you need to find content that already went viral or study viral content so you can create your own. So here is how you do it in a step-by-step way:

Go onto the Instagram explore page and click on the niche you want to find content for.

Then you simply scroll through all the recommended posts and see which ones have the most likes, most comments and of course a ton of views.

Step 2 – Get Engagement From Big Accounts

You need likes from accounts that have a high number of followers within the first 10-45 minutes from the moment you post in order for your content to be seen as valuable. This method is sometimes referred to as Powerlikes.

Instagram’s new algorithm displays content to it’s users by interests, therefore make sure the aforementioned accounts who like your post are in the same niche as you.

Step 3 – Boost Your Posts With Engagement Groups

Besides getting a lot of likes make sure that you are part of different engagement groups within your niche to hit the right target audience and to get more comments as well. Each engagement group can have up to 42 members (07/2018).

Here is how engagement groups work:

Every time a member uploads a new post, all the others will like and / or watch it and leave a comment. And once again if a good amount of members is engaging with this new post, chances are of your new content going viral.

What happens if I go viral?

Once the algorithm views your content as very valuable, they will put it on the explore page where it will be shown to thousands of other users.

The followers you will receive from the explore page will follow you because you have a nice page and good content. They are loyal and real followers and can convert into traffic and buyers later on.


Going viral can be broken down into these 3 simple steps. However there are a few other factors that you have to keep in mind when it comes to getting more people to view your content and become followers.

We cover 10 things in our free Instagram checklist. You can use that checklist to optimize your account and get ready for more followers.


If you need assistant or have any questions about going viral, get in contact with us.

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