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How to get your first 1K Followers for FREE

You want to grow your Instagram account but have absolutely NO budget to invest?Don’t worry, because in this post you are going to get 4 TIPS to grow your first 1k followers completely for FREE!

1.Invite your Friends

Instagram tells you to invite your friends to Instagram. DO IT! You can only benefit from it. And if you have many friends on Facebook this will help you a lot.

2. Build your own DM groups

DM groups are group chats on Instagram where similar accounts support each other by liking and commenting on their newest posts. How do you build DM groups? Simply message accounts with a similar following that you are opening a new group and ask if they want to join.

3. Do Shoutout for Shoutout

With this strategy you want to message accounts that you truly love and that are also in the same niche as yours. Simply ask them if they are interested in supporting each other through a shoutout.
But don’t SPAM your followers with shoutouts. Do it in an authentic way that shows you really want to support these other accounts!

4. Leave honest comments on people’s photos

Of course this requires a lot of your time. But if you don’t have a budget yet, this is the way to go. We recommend searching 10 hashtags and comment on 10 posts each, every day. So you will leave a total of 100 honest and authentic comments.

What of those things are you already doing? And do you see an increase in followers already? Let us know!

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