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How to get 500 likes per day on Instagram

How to grow your Instagram account and get 500 likes per day

In this blog post we are going to share with you the number one strategy all big Instagram accounts are using in order to get at least 500 likes per day on your new posts.

But before we get into it please note that this is NOT a scam! You are going to get likes from REAL accounts with even up to 100k or more. So you are basically benefitting from those big pages engaging with your content.

Telegram Like Rounds

The system we are utilizing here is called Telegram Like Rounds or also known as Engagement Groups. And this is the way those rounds work:

  • 30 minutes before the round starts you are going to drop your username and the one you are engaging with in the group.
  • Then you are just waiting for the round to close and the list with all members to be presented.
  • After that you are starting to like the most recent post from those other accounts.
  • Meanwhile you are receiving likes from the other members.
  • If there is enough engagement within about 1 hour from when you are posting, you have the chance to get featured as one of the most popular posts on certain hashtags which gives you a higher reach, more likes, more comments and ultimately more followers.

Receive likes on autopilot

The like rounds that we are using are from

We are using their automated service which costs only $30 per month and gets you 100 likes per round. You can even get a better deal if you are purchasing a 3-month, 6-month or even 12-month contract. 

Just try it out for yourself and benefit from the power of Like Rounds.


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