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How to get 500-700 Instagram Story views every day

Hi guys, recently we shared with you 3 reasons why you must utilize stories. And in today’s post we are going to give you 4 TIPS to get 500-700 story views every day!

1. Post 2-3 Stories per day

As with anything consistency is key. If you post 2-3 stories a day the algorithm will notice that and will help you show it to more people. And the more often users view your story, the further you will rank in their top bar in their newsfeed.

2. Use Polls

Polls are a super fun tool to stay up to date with what your followers want to see. Simply ask them questions like: „What do you want to see next?“ and then give them 2 options. From there you can go even deeper on the topic. The more your followers interact with your polls, the more they will become engaged with your account.

3. Use Locations / Geo Tags

This works best if you tag big cities. Do this every day and you’ll see more and more people view your stories just from this geo tag alone.

4. Include 10-15 Hashtags

You might be saying: „Wait, there is only 1 button for hashtags.. How can I use 10-15?“. The answer is simple: Just type them out. Then you can use your fingers to make them so small that they become invisible. Even though you can’t see them, your stories will still be featured on these hashtags.

If you put it all together you are able to get 500+ story views every day.

Need help with your stories?

If you need help coming up with a creative content strategy for your stories, just get in touch with us. We would love to help you!

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