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Four ways to use video on Instagram

Social media is changing everyday but there’s one thing that you can’t ignore and that’s the power of video. So in this post we’re going to show you the four most important ways to use video on Instagram.

Why video is so important

First of all when you’re marketing with words, it’s very one-dimensional.

But if you meet somebody through video you get to see

  • their passion,
  • their purpose and
  • you see the fire in their eyes,

when they talk about why they started or why they think their product is the best in the world. So you really get to fall in love with the product and the brand.

Brand videos now allow us to do exactly that without every having to meet the person behind the brand in real life.

So anyone that thinks they’re not good enough to do videos, you’re leaving a tremendous amount of money on the table. Because you’re not closing prospects who could easily be closed if they heard your reason to why you created your product or service.

Videos are not a suggestion but a prescription for success! 

The new alternative to YouTube – Instagram TV

Instagram TV is definitely a decent place to start out with because you’re able to put out longer content than usually. And the great thing about Instagram is that it always pushes content that is created with their newest features.

Just like Facebook (the owner of Instagram). Whenever a new feature comes out, they encourage you to use it and will reward you with more reach.

What to post on Instagram TV

Since this is Instagram’s alternative to YouTube, they want you to put out content in a similar way. So you as Influencers and thought leaders are invited to host your own show and episodes there.

The whole goal is to create a YouTube type experience so IGTV can become an own little network.

So what should you post on IGTV?

Following the simple star-story-solution concept, you can record lots of client testimonial videos and case studies to show your audience how you helped other people to reach their goals.

Another cool and interesting show can be to give your followers an inside look into the day-to-day work that your business requires.

How to use videos on your main feed

The main feed is the area in your profile which features all the content that will stay there forever (or at least until you delete it).

What we noticed there is that the more organic and authentic a video is, the better it performs. The opposite of that is a video that is completely scripted and overproduced. This do not reach as many users as the authentic one.

Also when you recorded a good clip, make sure to include subtitles in the video.

Why you should put up subtitles on your videos:

  • It is more entertaining,
  • users can follow along a lot easier and
  • even if they don’t have the sound turned on, they know what you’re saying.

Instagram Stories – The Social Cash Machine

The best way to use Instagram stories and really turn it into a social cash machine is to record 30 to 45 second videos, not using the story feature itself, but using your regular camera.

Then you use a software or an app to cut it into 15 second segments, so it looks like a natural flow. Of course do not forget to put some text into it, so everyone that has the sound turned off can still follow along.

In addition to that use as much features as possible to make it more entertaining and to get more engagement, such as with the polls or the question feature.

How to make money with Instagram stories

So if you lead enough people through your entertaining story series, make sure to include a simple call to action at the end, to start the monetization process.

The best working call to action is often times just encouraging people to send you a direct message or if you have more than 10k followers, the swipe up feature.

From there on you go and have a normal conversation with them to learn more about their goals, their struggles and eventually how you can help them.

Answer direct messages through video

This is where you can get ahead of your competition because not many are doing it. Instead of texting, simply record a 15 second clip answering your follower’s messages.

Not only do they get to know you more, but they see that it’s actually you behind this account.

And by the way you don’t have to worry about looking bad or so because you can choose if that person can view the video only once or multiple times.

If they didn’t quite catch what you said, you can still follow up with 2 quick text messages.

Need help with your content creation?

You’re feeling a bit overwhelmed now and do not know what kind of videos you should record?

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