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Does Follow Unfollow Still Work In 2018

Does the Follow Unfollow Strategy still work in 2018?

For the last 4 months we tested it ourselves and want to share with you the results today!

THE RESULTS: From 366 to 2476 followers in 4 months
That is 527 followers per month. Not bad.

Can we recommend doing Follow Unfollow on Instagram?

Well.. YES we can BUT..
You have to do it right. Doing it right includes:

  • Follow max. 30 accounts per hour
  • Follow max. 300 accounts per day
  • Follow only active accounts
  • Follow only accounts in your niche OR
  • Follow only accounts from your target audience

We mixed it up and saw a good gain in followers BUT also a decrease in engagement. So even though we got 500+ followers each month, the amount of likes and comments on each post went down.

This is also the reason why we stopped doing it now. Obviously we tested a lot to see what happens when you do it wrong. But now we want to focus 100% on organic growth through good content and engaging with other users.

Who should do the Follow Unfollow strategy?

We recommend it especially for new accounts to boost their following to 1,000 as fast as possible. But also for businesses that want to reach more users from their best target audience.

However we would much rather call it a Follow and Engage Strategy. Nobody likes a follower that unfollows quickly. This is why we say you must only follow accounts in your niche or your target audience.

Btw this strategy works for businesses and personal brands. Some of our friends are fashion bloggers and are growing mostly through follow and engage. They reached 25k followers in one year and have their first brand deals going on.

Now up to you.. Are you doing follow unfollow at the moment? If yes what are your results?

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