About us

Munich Socials is a small Digital Marketing Agency located in Munich, Germany.

In our company we understand that our clients are often distracted by the amount of information there is as they make decisions about what Marketing channel to utilize for their business.

Our commitment to delivering only high quality marketing services that make sense for their business allows us to help more and more people each day.

Munich Socials specializes in innovative digital marketing techniques that turn average businesses into real leaders in their niche. As a result, these companies experience a great increase of traffic and ultimately sales throughout the time we’re working together.

What We Provide ?

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Advertising

YouTube Video Marketing

Website Development

Facebook Marketing

Influencer Marketing

The Potential of Digital Marketing

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What our clients say

Thanks again for getting on a call with me! Your knowledge of Social Media marketing has helped me tremendously!

Jose Suazo-Villar

Just had a Skype call with the man Chris Ried. This dude is a champ. He knows the real practical stuff that you need to start and grow. A lot of value in a 30 minute conversation. Definitely recommend you guys take his advice if you are struggling to get clients. Thanks Chris Ried

Gary Maan

Thanks for the call Chris Ried ! This guy is Legend and knows how to do things ! Instead of 20 min we had 35 min talk and already helped me to come up with some ideas! Thanks Mr and keep in touch ! Doing a great work, thanks again.

Kaspars Rasins

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Why Choose Us?

Strong Communication

A common problem with large digital marketing agencies is communication. We’ve heard stories where there has been months without receiving one update from some agencies. That isn’t the case with us. We are a small, dedicated company that understands the value of communication.

Great Knowledge

Ever since we started our focus is to only provide services we know we are real experts in! Therefore we are happy to provide you with results of past campaigns prior to working with us. Just to show that your company is in good hands.

Experienced Team

One thing we can’t stand is working with marketing „experts“ that are no real experts. Because of that our mission is to only have people in our team that know what they are talking about. From Social Media Marketers to Website Developers or SEO Freelancers.. Doesn’t matter what you are looking for, we got somebody that can help you!


We Manage The Networks That Matter To Your Business