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36 Facebook Marketing Tips for Businesses

We all know Facebook won’t stop attracting more and more users. From own experience we also see that the younger generation is heading towards Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. However the ones above 35 are using Facebook a lot more now. Also Facebook has become an amazing platform for groups and getting knowledge from other people in your niche.

Not only that but every year new businesses are joining the market and most of them start with Facebook as their main Social Media Marketing platform. Because of that we decided to put a strong focus on Facebook and share with you our 36 Facebook Marketing Tips for Businesses.

1. Complete Your About Section
Facebook likes you to use the platform as much as possible. And so completing the about page of your business page is actually pretty crucial. Your Facebook business page can often be the first place users head to after a search on Google. Because of that make sure all of your information is completed including your website and contact information.
2. Update Your Facebook Cover Photo
The Facebook cover photo often times doesn’t get much attention from business owners. However it could be used very well for self promotion. If you’re holding a contest or giveaway, your Facebook cover photo can be used as a promotional billboard. It’s also a great way to show your businesses creativity by uploading animated covers.
3. Pin an Important Post
This feature also helps your promote a certain post, giveaway or special news everyone of your followers has to see. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to pin an important post to the top of your Facebook feed.

4. Claim Your Unique Facebook URL
Once your Page has 25 Likes, you can claim your unique Facebook URL. This makes it easier for visitors to find your business page and gives you a better way of promoting it on other channels.

5. Include Like Plugins on Your Website and Blog
Having Facebook Like buttons on your website is always recommended. It can lead direct traffic from your blog or any other page to your Facebook feed. That way you have the chance to turn blog readers into new followers. But make sure to give them a reason to why they should like your page. For example “Like our page to stay up to date with the latest Social Media news and changes!”

6. Question & Answers
If you have built a community around your brand, Facebook is a great channel to host Q&A sessions with your followers. Simply create a post requesting your followers‘ most burning questions and then answer them live or record a video about it. This helps staying connected to your audience and building great relationships!

7. Promote Your Page in Your Email Signature
Including link to your Facebook Page in your email signature can direct some more traffic from customers and prospects to your Facebook Page. This allows you to present your company in a professional and transparent way but also to give new customers a nice look behind the scenes.

8. Tell Your Email Subscribers about Your Facebook Page
You have people that already follow you in form of emails. So why not use these subscribers to direct them to your Facebook Page. But again you have to give them a good reason to become Facebook fans. You can offer something like exclusive deals, special content and promotions that are only available on Facebook.

9. Increase Transparency
Social media is the best way to connect with your customers and build a real community around your brand. By increasing the level of transparency of your posts your building and strengthening the relationships between you and your followers. People want to get to know who they are making business with. So use Social Media to share your story and to give them an inside look into your company. You can only benefit from it!

10. Promote Your Page with Paid Ads
Paid Ads are a great way to get started or to boost general brand awareness. For just a few dollars per day you can get your Facebook page in front of thousands of people who would be interested in what you have to offer. Promote your page with Facebook ads and reach your ideal target audience much quicker.

11. Organize a Facebook Contest
A Facebook contest is the perfect tool get your fans to engage with you and and have fun at the same time. An incredible offer and simple entry rules will ensure that your contest is shared amongst your followers and their own private network. Try it out!

12. Use Custom Facebook Tabs
Did you know that you could actually create and design custom landing pages on your Facebook page? Well.. most business owners don’t know about this. A Facebook tab allows anyone to create a custom landing page for almost any purpose. Doesn’t matter if you want to generate leads, run a contest or direct people to a free trial page. A custom Facebook tab has endless opportunities!

13. Facebook Video
Video is said to become the most consumed content on the internet in the next years. Not only because of that fact but especially Videos that are entertaining, interesting and attention grabbing have the chance to go extremely viral and help you grow your Facebook page even more.

14. Facebook Live
With today’s features literally anybody can connect with their audience at any time. Using Facebook Live you can give make people take part in your event without having to be there. It’s also a fantastic way to host Q&A sessions as mentioned above. If you haven’t given this a shot yet, you should definitely do so!

15. Post when Your Fans are Online
Facebook has reduced your organic reach by a lot since the latest updates. Because of that it’s very important to post your content on those times when your fans are most active. Luckily the insights tool let’s you find that out very easily.

16. Use Attention Grabbing Images for Your Posts
Today’s Social Media world gets flooded with new content literally every few seconds. In order to stand out from the rest you have to use attention grabbing images. With these you are able to communicate emotion and meaning in just a matter of milliseconds.

17. Test Different Formats
Sometimes your content may not get as much engagement as it usually gets. This does not necessary mean your content is bad but maybe it’s just the format. With Facebook Marketing you have a dynamic platform which allows you to put out content it a bunch of different formats like: Video, Audio, Written and soon VR.
So next time your post is not getting the reach you would like it to, just try a different format.

18. Include a Call to Action
There is a simple rule in online marketing. If you don’t ask a customer to do something, they won’t. So don’t expect your followers to know what you want them to do, if you don’t tell them. Instead include a specific call-to-action. For example: „Let us know what you think about this new feature.“

19. Use Emojis
Emojis are a great tool to highlight your posts and make them stand out even more. Especially the younger audiences react well to those emoticons.

20. The 70-20-10 Rule
This rule should be a key part of every Content Marketing Strategy! It simply means that you post 70% valuable and engaging content, 20% shared content that your followers would be interested in and only 10% self-promotional stuff.

21. Create nice Infographics
Data itself is pretty boring. But if you put it together as a nice infographic and share it, many more people will engage with it.

22. Recycle past Successful Content
Sometimes you may run out of ideas what to post. In that case you can simply look back and see what posts have worked well for you and recycle them in a different format. We guarantee that not all of your followers knew about it before. This is actually recommended by Gary Vaynerchuk, the founder of vaynermedia as well.

23. Share User Generated Content
This is the absolute best way to create social proof for your brand. Posting content that loyal fans have created makes them feel important and it helps you come up with new stuff to post. So a win-win situation for both parties.

24. Partner with Popular Influencers
Partnering with popular influencers in your industry is an extremely powerful way of getting your brand out there. Depending on the reach of the influencer you might have to pay for your promotion or simply offer a free product or test account. From working with Influencers in the past we can definitely recommend following that strategy.

25. Use a Popup on Your Website with Link to Your Social Channels
Usually people don’t like website popups. But it’s actually a great way to lead website visitors to your social media channels. So why not give it a try and see what happens. Not that many businesses use popups for their social channels.

26. Be Creative with GIFs
Who doesn’t like those funny animated GIFs? Like emojis, GIFs are a great tool to communicate emotions but also to get a lot of engagement. They are hardly used so far so you can stand out from the crows by using them in your posts.

27. Stay Consistent
Effective Facebook Marketing is all about maintaining consistency. Doesn’t matter if it’s the weekend and no one is working. Still uploading every single day will help you grow and create brand awareness. You never know who is going to view your content.

28. Tagging Other Accounts
Establishing partnerships on Social Media is the real key to success! Even if you don’t have partners yet, you can make it happen by tagging companies or Influencers that you would like to work with. Maybe they like what you are posting and get in touch with you.

29. Use Hashtags
Even though hashtags are not used very much on Facebook it still makes sense to include them. By doing that you have the chance to be seen by big accounts that are following a certain event or hashtags related to trending events. But remember to keep your hashtags specific to your industry and the content you release.

30. Utilize Facebook Polls
The new Facebook reactions are a fun way to poll your audience about a certain topic. Figure out what their opinion is by creating a Facebook reaction poll. Your fans can vote according to the reactions you’ve selected to each answer.

31. Respond to Comments ASAP
Facebook has really become a good place to check about customer feedback before buying from a company. By responding as quickly as possible to comments and reviews, you’re page will get a „replies quickly“ mark which is visible for all users. If people see you are responding very fast they will also like to interact with you more.

32. Share Content from Instagram
If you have a great Instagram account that posts unique content, why not connect it with your Facebook page? This also gives you some additional features such as detailed analytics about your Instagram followers. By sharing your Instagram Photos and Videos you are also turning more people to become an Instagram follower as well.

33. Create a Facebook group
The best way to build a real community around your brand is by creating a Facebook group where you can have in-depth discussions with your fans, followers and customers. Having a popular Facebook group can lead to much more reach and brand awareness.

34. Use a Social Media Management Tool
If you’re looking to take your social media efforts to the next level, you should consider using a social media management tool. Such a tool can save you lots of time by organizing everything in one platform. Schedule updates, check what your followers are saying and interact with them.

35. Success Stories
Who doesn’t like reading other people’s success story? A fun way to gain Social Proof for your brand is by sharing your clients‘ successes. A captivating story of their rise to success can lead to more clients and more interest in what you have to offer.

36. Encourage Reviews
Just like any other platform, you should always encourage your customers to leave a honest review about their experience with your product or service. Doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative, it provides feedback for your business to improve. Plus, positive reviews are attracting more new customers too.

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