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3 Reasons WHY you must use Instagram Stories

On Saturday Instagram’s Story feature turned two years old.
Because of that we want to share with you 3 reasons WHY you must use Instagram stories (if you are serious about growing a big following).

1. You’re discoverable through stories

Not only is it fun to update your followers through a story post, but you can actually get discovered from it. That is possible by using hashtags and / or geo tags in your stories. Especially for local businesses this is a great feature to get more exposure within their local reach.

2. Add a personalized approach to engagement

People buy from people. Because of that it’s super important to show your personality on Instagram. What better feature could you be using rather than stories? Give your followers a closer look at who is behind the account, what’s going on in your daily business and other interesting stuff they would like to know about.

3. Grow a real community

With stories you have the ability to build a much stronger connection with your followers. For example you can run polls and ask for their opinion on something, but in return they can also ask you questions.

So guys, what’s your take on stories? Have you been using them regularly?

If you need help coming up with a good Instagram strategy, feel free to contact us today.

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