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The 3 most important types of Online Marketing

What types of online marketing you should use for your business?

Online marketing has many opportunities! But that also brings a lot of confusion with it. That is why in this short blog post we want to share with you the 3 main types of online marketing you should be utilizing for your business.

Content Marketing – Give first and benefit later

Content Marketing simply means creating and sharing valuable content with your target audience.
Because traditional forms of marketing are becoming less and less effective you must start to provide value up front before receiving anything in return!

So instead of just promoting your products or services, you are sharing relevant and useful information with prospects and customers in order to help them solve a specific problem.

Email Marketing is NOT dead

With over 269 billion emails sent per day Email Marketing is still an extremely powerful tool if used in the right way. It is great to build strong relationships with potential customers and clients.

Again the primary focus is on delivering value and not just promoting something.

At its best, email marketing helps businesses keep their customers entertained and convert potential ones on a consistent basis. At it’s worse, nobody opens your emails and you are just wasting time.

Email isn’t dead, but you just have to know how to use it effectively.

Messenger Marketing – The newest trend in online marketing

First of all what is Messenger Marketing?

It’s a new tool that allows you to automatically get in touch with your customers through the Facebook Messenger. It’s the perfect solution for almost any business because customers have become extremely impatient when it comes to getting a response. A messenger bot that is programmed with the most common questions and answers can help you fully automate customer service and grow your business to the next level.

When done right, you can achieve open rates of 90% and CTR of 40%. Such numbers are unheard of in email marketing and can create a strong increase in revenue.

Need help with setting up your Marketing Strategy?

The most important part about success with a business is actually having a proper Marketing Strategy. At Munich Socials we do a full analysis of your online marketing channels. We talk to you about your goals and requirements and craft a step-by-step marketing strategy that you can start following right away!

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