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Munich Socials is an emerging social media marketing agency from Putzbrunn near Munich. We specialize in the marketing of restaurants in Munich surroundings. Our goals are to save you valuable time, to present your company correctly and at the same time to increase your turnover in the long term. Our competent team takes care of your individual wishes and requirements. We ensure a very impressive result in the shortest possible time!

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What our clients say

Thanks again for getting on a call with me! Your knowledge of Social Media marketing has helped me tremendously!

Jose Suazo-Villar

Just had a Skype call with the man Chris Ried. This dude is a champ. He knows the real practical stuff that you need to start and grow. A lot of value in a 30 minute conversation. Definitely recommend you guys take his advice if you are struggling to get clients. Thanks Chris Ried

Gary Maan

Thanks for the call Chris Ried ! This guy is Legend and knows how to do things ! Instead of 20 min we had 35 min talk and already helped me to come up with some ideas! Thanks Mr and keep in touch ! Doing a great work, thanks again.

Kaspars Rasins

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Why Choose Us ?

Strong Communication

One problem many companies have with working with large, online marketing agencies is communication. We’ve heard stories where there has been months without receiving one update from some agencies. That isn’t the case with us. We are a small, dedicated company that understands the value of communication.

Greate knowledge of SMM

Specialized knowledge and experience in social media marketing.The top reason companies choose Munich Social is because we are a specialized company in social media marketing. It’s what we do, and we know how to make it work for our clients. We use social media marketing every day to help companies grow and build their brands.

Work is Done In-House

We take pride in doing all of our work in-house. We don’t offer services that we cannot fulfill ourselves. Our employees work directly on all of the projects we take on. Each of our team members are trained and supervised from our corporate office. Every week, our entire team meets to discuss all clients we work with, analyze progress, and offer suggestions to improve.

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